Tarot Shadow Workshop

Please join me and Mary Nale, tonight at 7:00 p.m. est. for a free workshop in Tarot Shadow Work, sponsored by Attune Magazine Radio.  It promises to be an interesting evening of self-discovery.

“By embracing my dark shadows I am healing and becoming whole.  I am gaining wisdom and learning compassion.”  ~Christine Jette

Do gifts really hide in the dark?

Let’s discover them together.

Tarot Shadow Workshop on Attune Magazine Radio

By attending these classes you guarantee that you understand these terms.

Please know that this topic can bring up many unresolved emotional issues.  If at any time you feel you need professional help, please contact an appropriate health care practitioner near you. These classes are not meant to be a substitute for professional services from a licensed doctor.

Oracle Guidance

The Oracle Guidance for the week beginning Sunday, October 6, 2013 comes from the 72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan.  (You can see my review of this deck, HERE.)

72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan“A Change of Focus”

Direction:  Release yourself from worries about the future, because you shall see how things resolve themselves.  You shall soon be able to see a new order in your life, and reorganize your priorities.  Keep a close spiritual connection with a loved one who passed away.  You will be guided and encouraged through such communicationBottom Line:  You are given the opportunity to rise above your anxiety.  Have faith and your request will be fulfilled.

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Review – Dream Raven Tarot

Dream Raven Tarot

Dream Raven Tarot

Author / Beth Seilonen

Artist / Beth Seilonen

Publisher / Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN:  978-0-7643-4316-2


“Dream Raven’s purpose is to inspire people to firstly acknowledge the dreams that are deep within the psyche, and then strive to make those dreams into the conscious thought throughout daily life and to see them through reality.  As with anything, dreams do take time to mature, years even.  However, as those dreams are brought to conscious thought and we begin to step into each day with the purpose of living our dreams, success becomes more attainable.”

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