World Tarot Day

World Tarot Day,

What does it mean

To readers far and wide?

It is Our Holiday

Arrived in time

To share with yours and mine.

What insights shall we glean today?

What absolutes are there?

Insights they do abound my dear

But  no absolutes to share.

For your future is yet to be

It is written as we ponder

The choices are yours to make

Freewill then, we do wonder.

If any A-Quester dare to ask

“What does my Future show?”

The Wise One will answer, “Child,

You still have far to go.”

So why not take a peak

Dear one,

And see what lies in store?

To celebrate your Way and mine,

The Universe will share

The Wisdom found within the cards

All answers hidden there.

Obstacles 'vs Opportunities

Opportunities in Obstacles Spread

By:  Koneta Bailey – NewPathsTarot

“For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin–real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me, these obstacles were my life.” –Alfred D’Souza

I posted this quote on my Facebook page because I identified with it and thought others might as well.  It started an internal dialogue about life’s obstacles and how I perceive them, verses someone else’s point of view, and if looked at as a learning experience, how these obstacles can be turned into opportunities.   We all have them, (obstacles) its part of life and living, growing, and learning.  Without obstacles we would never learn to do anything for ourselves, nor would we appreciate the experiences we have gained by overcoming them.  Everyone knows this on some level, its commons sense right?  Most are taught this from birth and it becomes second nature, or it should be.  Still, not everyone tackles them the same.

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Year Cards – Do you know yours?

Do you know what year card you are in?   Which Major Arcana card corresponds and how is it affecting you?  Mary K Greer addresses this phenomenon in Tarot for Yourself and her book, Tarot Constellations.  I don’t know how long these formula have been around but I have been intrigued and thought it would be worthwhile to take a closer look and see how closely my year coincides with my “year” card.

The formula for determining your Major Arcana year card is fairly simple, you add your month of birth, plus your date of birth plus the current year.  So, my formula would look like (October) 10 + 29 + 2010 = 2049, then 2+0+4+9=15  15=The Devil.

The Devil — Legacy of the Divine Tarot

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World Tarot Day

Check out the Interview with Den Elder, founder of WTD in ATA’s edition of Tarot Reflecions.

The stated purpose is:
“To promote the use of the Tarot tool across all human made
borders, be they political boundaries, misunderstandings of the
mind, or ignorance of the tool itself, for the benefit and growth
of the Spiritual Self.”

will now be over seeing WTD, find the press release, article here.