When the Six of Pentacles comes to call.

I am feeling somewhat embarrassed and ashamed of myself tonight.  Just today I read two beautiful blogs about unconditional love and what it means.   Donnaleigh and SouthernSky both wrote thought provoking and motivating articles on this high ideal.  It was very easy for me to sit in my recliner and read their words, agreeing with their sentiments and spouting my own 2 cents worth.  Two cents was all it was worth too.

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Are you, "Your own worst Enemy?"

The eight of swords……, not a card most would care to see turn up in a reading for ourselves or for another.  I think it’s one of those cards that can leave a bad taste in your mouth.   The artwork normally depicts a woman blindfolded, and she appears to be tied up in some manner.  She is usually surrounded by eight swords that remind me of a jail cell or cage of some sort.  This poor woman is blind-folded, bound, and imprisoned.  Or is she?  If she is truly there against her will, where is her jailer?  Why would someone imprison her like this?  It would appear that she is possibly a very dangerous criminal indeed.

In most cases, quite the contrary it true.  The figure depicted on the card is certainly a prisoner, but in reality, she is her own jailer.  She has picked the location, and the time of her incarceration.  She has possibly pre-decided the length of her imprisonment as well.  First, she surrounds herself with the swords to prevent her freedom of movement.  She then places a blindfold over her eyes and binds a ribbon or rope around her hands and feet.  For all intents and purposes, she is a prisoner.  But for what crime and why is the punishment so severe?

I am not sure who said it, but I have heard the quote, (Possibly by Bruce Springsteen) “You are your own worst enemy”, and in this case it is true.

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