A New Can of Worms – Part 2

I did a reading for my husband this morning using the Deviant Moon and the “Can of Worms” spread.  Here is how it worked out.   You can find the spread used, below in the previous post.

BBB’s  Can of Worms – What do I need to change and shape to achieve my goals?

Ace of Pentacles.  This Ace is a fierce Dragon which holds a large beautiful Pentacle in his hands.  The book describes this Ace as; Perfection, Balance of material and spiritual realms.  Having the will to succeed.   Bob is a perfectionist with any project he undertakes.  Especially when it’s a job or project that he is working on for someone else.  He has the skills, knowledge, drive, talents, at his fingertips to succeed, so what is holding him back?  Doubt.  That small nagging self-doubt and lack of confidence that he can successfully reach his goals.  He has to believe in himself and his abilities and stop beating himself up when he feels he has not done as well as he believe he should have.

Outer Influences found in The Chariot.  (negative)  Not feeling like he is in control of his life and decisions that need to me made.  As long as there is that self-doubt, there is no definite direction to travel.  A fear of failure in venturing out,  keeps The Chariot from moving, which is what it is designed for.

How to remedy this.  Death.  A total change is called for.  A complete metamorphosis.  Usually painful and always scary, a new way of thinking and looking at yourself and the world around you is needed.  How can this be accomplished?  The next card is the High Priestess and offers further advice on how to make this remedy happen.  The High Priestess is traditionally about knowledge, wisdom, and intuition.  Tapping into and trusting your instincts.  This I feel calls into play some of the aspects of the Ace of Pentacles in regards to the Balance between the spiritual and the material.   You can’t have one without the other.

The Eight of Wands Rx gives the advice here that these changes will not happen overnight.  It is a process and will take time.  Rushing the process will not bring the results that you are seeking.  Along with this card I am wondering if the High Priestess is also a person that can give advice and guidance to Bob in his metamorphosis.

Escape.   The Moon card in this deck speaks to dark influences, trickery, illusion, subconscious control.  Fooling yourself?  Subconscious sabotage.  Being a puppet rather than the puppeteer.  This is IMO definitely an Escape situation.   You should let this worm escape because if it hangs around at all, the doubt can creep back in taking away your control of being the puppeteer.

A New Can of Worms — Tarot Spread

How many times in your day to day experience have you thought, “What can of worms did I open now?”  Or at least something like that.  For me opening a “Can-of-Worms” is the equivalent of asking the hard questions and expecting a truthful and objective answer.  The questions we would rather dance around and not ask, let alone actually answer.  These questions can cover as wide a range as you have imagination for.   Ask the hard questions of yourself.  An example might be;  “What do I need to change in my attitude to bring more happiness in my life?”  This would be an extremely hard question for a lot of us to answer objectively for ourselves and could open that proverbial can of worms showing yourself what you probably don’t wish to see.  Maybe it’s a situational type of question.  You’re dealing with a touchy issue at work and ask, “Should I open this can or worms?” or “What will happen if I open this can worms?”  Anyway, you get the idea.

Here are some sample ideas to use for this spread.  Customize it to best fit your needs and situation.

(illustration by B.B. Bailey)

Steps to help open and examine what is in your “Can of Worms”

  • Card one — Using the can opener:    (insert question here) example.  “How do I change or shape my actions in order to achieve my goals?”
  • Card two — A Peek under the lid:     The outer influences that affect me in a negative manner.
  • Card three — Prying the lid:   Once the negative issue has been revealed, this is the best course of action for  remedy
  • Card four — Take a good look inside:  Looking at the problem straight in the eye (s) and realizing it’s quite fixable and not as bad as you first thought.  This card is for further help and advice with meeting the problem head on.  (puns intended)
  • Card five – Containment.  The positive influences that I need to hold onto and utilize.  Things or people that can help me deal with the negative/slimy worms I find in my can.
  • Card six — Escape.  Once you have a clear idea of how to deal with your particular “worm” put him to work for you.  Use him to your advantage to lure what you want/need to you.  Or, if the situation calls for a complete release, he can be the one that got away.  In most cases though, the worm that tries to get away is the one that needs the most attention.

What Can of Worms are you going to open?

A New Can of Worms — Part 1

A King's Journey Tarot

“What is my lesson today?” “What do I need to be shown?”   These are the questions I asked as I shuffled the deck.  From left to right, Two of Coins Rx (reversed) Soul, Two of Wands, and Six of Spirit.  So let’s take a look and see what my lesson is for today.

This deck is quite unique with two added Major Arcana cards and a whole new suit of Spirit.   The Soul card is no. 23 of the Major Arcana and is largely about nourishing your soul and belief in your own personal power.  Stand tall, no matter how many doors slam in your face.

In the suit of Spirit, each upright card has a virtue, and the reversed has a vice.  For the Six of Spirit the Virtue is Integrity.  The affirmation written for this card, “I am the expression of high moral values.  I vibrate harmony from every layer of my being.  I am whole and complete.”   See and appreciate the beauty in all-devote yourself to setting an example for excellence.

The Soul card as the obstacle/challenge and the Six of Spirit as the outcome, complement each other quite well here I think.  The obstacle of slammed doors to overcome, but still stand tall and believe in myself by living and showing a good example for excellence.   I believe I have pretty high values for myself, but maybe I need to raise the bar a bit.  After-all,  there is always room for improvement.

The 2 of Coins Rx represents my current situation or mind-set.  Where things are more balanced in the upright position, they are on more shaky ground now.  Is it really harder to keeps things balanced or is it simply not wanting to juggle and balance those issues.  I want my life on my terms, not everyone else’s.  “Your priorities may need re-examined.”   Ohhh pooo!  No one wants to hear that.

So that brings us to the advice card, the Two of Wands.  Self Empowerment – You have everything you need to make changes, so why do you keep waiting for something “more” to happen.  It’s all YOU.  (the Phoenix symbolizes spiritual transformation.)  It’s time for a change, and I have to make the first step toward those changes.

In summary, there are changes to be made but first I need to re-evaluate my priorities.  Once this happens, obstacles can be overcome and a brand new me can move forward!  The qualities and values I project can be mirrored back to me by setting a good example and through sincerity.

One of the questions here is:  “Ask yourself how you need to shape your actions in order to achieve your goals.”   Well that is the $50 million dollar question of the day/year/decade isn’t it?  And that question is a whole different can of worms.

Have you opened a New Can of Worms lately?

"What If?"

A King's Journey Tarot

Today’s daily draw is from A King’s Journey Tarot and the first two cards are from the suit of Spirit.  The Queen of Spirit is the first card up and her Spiritual Gift is Clairvoyance.  Open to receiving messages from the spirit world.  She gives advice to be careful that you aren’t in psychic overload.

The Nine of Spirit, his Virtue is Independence.  If you are serious about your path, learn everything you can.  This will bring you independence.  But you know that you will also get to a point where no one else can give you the answers.

This Four of Swords is about meditation, connecting with your Higher Self to bring clarity through awareness.  A need to retreat and clear your mind.

The situation, the obstacle, and the advice, Hmmm not real sure I see common thread here, LOL.

Obviously Spirit is sending me a very strong message.  I have been neglectful in communication and in seeking guidance.  A very good summary for this reading can be found in the companion book for the Four of Swords:

“Be aware that you are more than just a body depending on physical needs.   Realize you are connected with the world that goes beyond the physical plane.”

In mainstream “America” just how many people know they are connected with the Divine/Spirit and actively seek to commune?  Many other cultures know this is vital to a happier existence and incorporate methods of communication with Spirit on a daily basis.  However, these practices have seen a major decrease in this fast paced world we live in.  I don’t have any actual statistics but I would guess I am not far off the mark when I say there has been a major decline in any such communication whether you call it prayer or meditation or journeying, etc.  I really see this as a changing trend in the years to come.  I certainly hope so anyway.

I truly wonder if folks would take the advice of the Four of Swords seriously and put it into practice, how their lives and the lives of those around them might change.  Might one feel a bit more balanced?  Be less likely to fly into a rage?  Or even just simply feel more balanced within?  If we put this advice into practice at least once a week, a time to retreat and re-charge, how might this affect our attitudes of ourselves and others?

This question may never be answered in my lifetime, but……….What If?