Keeping My Mouth Shut

Eight of Wands - Four of Coins - Nine of Spirit

Today started out with the Eight of Wands as the card-of-the-day, and you will see below what that message is for me.

Things that have been set into motion will conclude quickly. In this instance it would be unwise to try and change the course of the outcome, as interrupting the fast movement could cause a disaster. Let it run its course and reach completion before trying to fix or change the situation. You could make matters worse.

Not satisfied to leave well enough alone, the next card up is the Four of Coins.  Keep my own council.  Bite my tongue and stay out of it.  Echoing the thought above, that I could make matters worse.

The Nine of Spirit I drew using that suit as an oracle to clarify and support the other other two cards.  The virtue that is listed for the card is, Independence.  Today though, its about secrets and more information needed.   Sounds like an awful lot of drama, and I hate drama.  Hate, hate, hate, loathe, hate, hate, hate, drama.

It seems that something will be made known to me and I need to keep my council as more information is needed.  I’m sure I would just as soon stay out of it, but it looks like I have no choice in the matter.

Playing Peace Maker

As I shuffled today’s cards, I was not consciously thinking of anything in particular, so when I turned up these cards I felt pretty stumped.  Still do in fact.  But my husband and I had been discussing the Temperance card and its meaning for a good part of the afternoon, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when it was one I turned over.  I was still a bit stumped, then it came to me out of the-blue-clear-sky, (as Forest Gump would say) that I will be playing the peace maker, a moderator at some point in the near future.   On each side of me are two knights.  One, the Knight of Rods, he  is driven and has a clear view of what he wants and how he will get it.  He also knows what everyone else wants and he is happy to tell you how to go about it.   The other, the Knight of Pentacles,  is much more laid back.  He also knows what he wants, but he isn’t in as big a hurry or as driven as the other.  He is more inclined to notice and appreciate what is going on around him than the other.   These are my sons.  Young men starting their lives and families and ready to face the world head on.  But with very different approaches.  The Page of Cups is the one I am not sure about here yet.  But it would seem the Page is either one of my grandchildren or daughter’s in law.   I guess time will tell as I don’t know yet what the issue might be, or exactly how soon it will come up, but it looks like I may have to smooth some ruffled feathers.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.

Images are from the Anna K Tarot and can be purchased through the artists website.

Here's to your Health

Today’s reading is about my Grandchildren.  They have been sick, and there is nothing worse than a sick child in my opinion.  I always feel so helpless when my babies are sick.  Any babies really.  But, I know my cup runneth over and they are on the mend.  Good health in abundance and the Star promises better times are at hand.  Healthy kids are active kids, and they can certainly keep me hopping.  But as long as they are not ill, that is the most important thing.  Here I see health, faith and healing, and happy babies.

I hope everyone is well in your world too!

Images are from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and can be purchased here.

Too Perfect?

The Gilded Tarot shown in reverse and upright positions for today’s all reversed draw.

I decided to use an old favorite deck today, The Gilded Tarot, and drew all three cards reversed.  I expect to see a reversed card now and then, but all three?  It happens, just not very often.  So, what does this mean to me today?

Reversed, all three of these cards tell a very close story.  The end of  of a period of conflicts and stress; a laying down of burdens; clearing the way of obstacles for a new start; new solutions and/or opportunities.  The four of cups comes with a cautionary note that stands out to me-to know the difference between convictions and fantasies.

Well these certainly all sound quite good, but, in light of all three being reversed I am a little apprehensive in celebrating too soon.   The five of wands Rx reminds to play by the rules.  And to be aware of inappropriate motivations.  This will bear watching in the near future.  Maybe its just about getting the un-employment extension passed soon.  That in itself would be good news to celebrate, not just for my household, but about 600 families in my immediate area.  (that is according to the local news paper)

I decided to pull one more card to see if there could be some clarification or advice and was relieved the next card was Temperance.  Up-right even.  Soothing and gentle Temperance is the balance between extremes.  Barbara Moore, author of the companion book, describes  Temperance as:  Perfect balance perfectly expressed.  Which ties up this reading quite perfectly.

The beautiful Gilded Tarot, illustrated by Ciro Marchetti and The Gilded Tarot Companion by Barbara Moore, can be found at Amazon and Llewellyn.