Just a Nudge

Today’s three card reading seems to be a continuation from the card-of-the-day draw on my Facebook page of the Ace of Pentacles.   Balance and harmony between the spiritual (inner) realm and the material (physical) realm.  The Nine of Pentacles  shows a woman of abundance and material comforts.  She is resourceful and has created the life she wants.  But she is alone.  The two flanking cards seem almost opposites in this context.  In the Ten of Cups, we see the happy and contented family who have each other and the ultimate in worldly and material characteristics of The Devil on the other side.   The Ace of Pentacles was a reminder to take a look and see what needs balanced between the spiritual and material realms, the rest of the reading is how to achieve this balance.  These are things I (we) already know on some level, but don’t always pay attention until its spelled out right under our noses.  The Tarot is a perfect tool for setting me straight when I wander off the path a bit.  Just the nudge I need from time to time.

Images are from the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza and published by U.S. Games Systems INC.

GUILT – Can it be positive? (Part 3)

Part 3 of my look at the concept of guilt, and I think my last post on the subject.   (Maybe, we will see how this one comes out.)  My question as I shuffled was, “Can guilt ever be seen as something positive?”

The suit of Swords we associate with the thinking mind, logic, and intelligence, as well as conflicts (inner and outer) and troubled thoughts.   We have the Page of Swords again, and she looks quite dwarfed by the extra large harmonica she is carrying around.   Although this depiction is cute, she is having a very hard time of it.  Since I am asking a direct question on the subject of guilt, it would seem that this little tyke has more than she can handle.  With children, guilt takes the form of shame.  If children are taught to be ashamed of certain behaviors or actions, these will carry into adulthood and become feelings of guilt.  (These observations are totally my interpretations and opinions and should not be considered otherwise.)

The Page of Pentacles child appears to be a little older than the first, but still very young.   The coin she carries, which represents guilt/shame in this scenario, is much more manageable and in proportion to her size and age.   She appears happy and more at ease with no apparent struggle as she carries it easily.  The suit of Pentacles we associate with more physical aspects like, material goods, the act of learning and applying that knowledge, practical skills and application.  A more grounded and well rounded approach to life in general.

The Queen of Wands is her own woman.  She is a confident leader and knows how to assert her personal power to get what she wants.  She is creative, self-assured, and passionate.  At her best, she is witty, articulate, charming and driven.   Was she always this way, or is this audaciousness learned and adapted?  In the book, Tarot – Your Everyday Guide, Janina Renee (page 169) gives this advice about the Queen of Wands:  “To climb out of the abyss, summon all of your energy to act as if you are the Queen of Wands, even though such a high-energy personality may initially be hard to sustain.  People think that our moods determine our behavior, but science has discovered that it also works the other way around:  our behavior can alter our moods.”

In the real world, the aspects of this queen are only a small part of the puzzle that make-up the whole of a personality.  Some people have more of this trait than others.   But, in my experience, you will see less of this trait in people who have a low self esteem and lack self confidence due to the effects of excessive guilt.  This then leads to self-defeating actions, thoughts, and depression.   A horrible vicious cycle I have seen too many times.

Can guilt have a positive effect, or is it always negative?   A little guilt keeps us human, excessive guilt, on the other hand, is debilitating.

Well, this has certainly become long winded.  I will put off the summary in a fourth (and final, I promise!)  post.

(above images are from The Victorian Trade Card Tarot by Marcia McCord.)

Course Correction to the Stars – with sun and moon tarot

Today’s draw is about my daughter.  I wasn’t exactly sure where it was going at first, until I turned up The Star, and then I knew.   (her middle name is Starr)  She is a young working mother of two and she and her husband are working 10+ hours a day.  Add to that, 2 hours drive time each day.  I know she feels like something has got to give, and soon.   Juggling home and work, a balance is needed.  The course correction and the opportunity for new balance will present itself soon, and the promise of an easier and calmer time ahead with this beautiful Star card.

A restful and healing time is coming, and is much needed.  She just has to keep up this  ‘juggling’ act a little while longer.

*images are from the sun and moon tarot by vanessa decort and published by US Games Inc.

GUILT – What is it good for? (Part 2)

This post continues the discussion on Guilt.  See part 1 here.

Today’s question asks, What is it good for?  Every time I think this question, the song ‘War’ by Edwin Starr, runs through my head.   “What is it good for? ….. Absolutely nothing!”      To help with this I pulled the above three cards from the Victorian Trade Card Tarot.   The World, Page of Swords, and 2 of Cups Rx (reversed or ill dignified).

The first thing I notice about this ‘World’ card is that the globe is tied and nailed down, held stationary.   Excessive guilt can also have this same affect if it is all consuming, leaving you paralyzed with fear and feeling unable to break free.   The Page of Swords is more likely to add to this dilemma than relieve it.  Immature and sometimes erratic, the Page often creates mountains out of molehills blowing matters out of proportion.   What in reality is more than likely a small matter to feel some guilt gets blown out of proportion until it is too big to carry.   The 2 of Cups (reversed) seems only to add more doom and gloom without alleviating the situation.  In Tarot Dynamics, Anna has this to say about the 2 of Cups.  Emotional/Interaction “The more challenging the situation the more you feel as if everyone is against you or trying to patronize you.  ……people that you thought you couldn’t get along without, may suddenly annoy you to no end.”   So in this line of thinking, if someone is guilt ridden to the point of being paralyzed – and it has compounded and fed on itself until it has become unmanageable – the tendency to isolate yourself and push people away only feeds the vicious cycle.  By allowing relatively small matters to grow to such large proportions, this imbalance leads to feeling that everyone is against you.

Guilt is both a cognitive and an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes that he or she has violated a moral standard and is responsible for that violation. A guilty conscience results from thoughts that we have not lived up to our ideal self. Guilt feelings may also inhibit us from falling short of our ideal again in the future. Individual guilt is an inner reflection on personal wrongdoing, while collective guilt is a shared state resulting from group—such as corporate, national, or community—wrongdoing.”   ~Encyclopedia of Psychology~

To be Continued…….