At Home with the Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles – Coins- Discs – Platters – Shields, has to be one of my favorite cards in a Tarot Deck.  As some of you know, I like to compare the images from different decks and  different author’s interpretation of the same card, to add depth to the pool of meanings that I can draw from.  The cards you will see in this post are from Celtic ‘themed’ decks, other than the Ten of Pentacles from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot.

Traditionally, when we see the Ten of Pentacles turn up in a reading we think of family traditions, legacy, wealth, prosperity, family security, inheritance, and generations.  For the most part I think these are the general ideas, terms and keywords we use most often with this Ten.  The pentacles you see in the card above, are in the shape of the tree of life, which can also be thought of as your family tree.

Llewellyn Tarot & Legend the Arthurian Tarot

Above you see the Ten of Pentacles from the Llewellyn Tarot and the Ten of Shields from Legend the Arthurian Tarot. Both of these decks were created by artist, Anna-Marie Ferguson.   The central theme is portrayed in each card, but the Legend card names its location, Camelot.  We can see the prosperity extends to the community due to the kingdom’s leadership and hard work of all.  Everyone is benefiting from the security and prosperity established by predecessors.  This is a time of clan gatherings and participating in traditions.

*”The wealth of detail in the Ten of Pentacles is as rich as you would expect in a card that suggests wealth and satisfaction-not only on the material level, but also spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.”

Sacred Circle & Druid Craft Tarot

The 10 of Discs from the Sacred Circle Tarot, shows 10 polished discs arranged in a stable triangular structure, reminiscent of a family crest.  One suggestion from the companion book is that you may be impelled to research your family history and bloodline or found a dynasty of your own.  On another level it may be about the creation of something that can be passed down to future generations, such as a business; building or restoring property; or creating a painting, poem or piece of music.

The Ten of Pentacles from the Druid Craft Tarot is one of my favorites.  Blessings – Prosperity – Legacy are keywords presented here in this scene.  Three generations are gathered together hinting at comfort, security, abundance, and inheritance.  Even the family pet appears content and well fed.  *”The idea of blessings is fundamental to Druidry.  In Druidry, we sometimes consciously open ourselves to the blessings offered by our ancestors, our tribe, the spirits of time and of place, our own soul, and the gods or deity.  Life is essentially magical, and even difficult circumstances can carry hidden benefits. Most of us have created barriers that prevent us experiencing all the blessings life bestows, but this card gives us the chance to count our blessingIs – and thus discover that they are too numerous to count.”

Images and excerpts from the following sources:

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Home Improvement

I thought I would do today’s reading a little differently.  My first card drawn was The Fool.  He represents the situation, condition, and-or the lesson – what needs to be looked at today.   The Fool is oft times described as an open minded adventurer.  A clean slate starting out on a life journey.  But, he can also be foolhardy or acting a fool, too.  The Four of Wands I see quite often as a stable home and strong foundation.  The door and Wands appear as an illusion floating above the trees.  It’s almost like looking into another dimension with the blood red moon hanging in the sky – a dream.  The Queen of Cups is immersed in her underwater world, her world of emotion.  The expression on her face says to me that she is not a “happy camper”.  She is probably over-reacting.  The Moon says to me to look a little deeper, there is something that is not actually hidden, but it’s not real obvious either.

What does all this mean, you might ask.  We (my husband and I) have been planning and discussing the home improvement/repair/remolding that we are going to be tackling over the summer.   It will be the biggest job of this type that we have tackled before, and when I say we, I mean HE.  I’ll help all that I can of course, but it will mostly be on his shoulders.  You hear lots of horror stories and have even experienced some of them when talking of these types of projects.  This is not a, I wanna remodel the bathroom and kitchen because I want a new look, project.  It’s a, I’m going to be taking a shower in the crawl space soon because the bath tub is sitting on a bad floor, kind of project.  This is a job we knew we had ahead of us when we bought our little fixer-upper.   How does this apply to my daily draw?

Don’t be foolish, expect the unexpected.  Plan for it.  No job like this ever goes like you think it will.  There always seem to be surprises and delays along the way.  Emotionally I know major projects like this can be very emotionally draining and physically exhausting.   I don’t want to sound like I’m predicting disaster.  I’m not.  But, realistically I am pretty sure it’s going to take longer and probably cost more money than my contractor (aka my husband) thinks that it will.   I hope I’m wrong LOL.

Need a Remedy NOW

Today’s reading is all about my grandson.  While shuffling for the COTD, Judgement was a jumper.  Ok, I thought.  I’ll start there and proceeded to post it on the facebook – New Paths Tarot page.  Then I began to wonder, as I often do, if the jumper is the card of the day, what would the card have been if picked randomly as usual?   The Six of Cups turned up.  Now, as far as Six of Cups cards go this is not one of my favorites, but these cute little faces can’t be denied.  When I looked at the next two cards, (Two of Wands and Eight of Wands) I had my answer.

For a couple of weeks now we have been trying to figure out what has been going on with my grandson.  After three trips to Urgent Care no one seems to agree or come up with any good ideas as to what is causing his problem.  One Doctor suggests chicken pox, but that doesn’t explain the rash and other symptoms.  Another says its eczema and spider bites, and so on.  It’s all very frustrating for all of us and everything tried has not seemed to help.  So today’s reading is very clear to me that its a Wake up call, a decision has to be made and it needs to be made fast.   I couldn’t agree more!!

Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

Where is the Lock to Go With My Key?

What is my lesson for today?  What do I need to be shown?

I have the IX of Cups again, this time flanked by the Priestess and the Moon.  They both appear very mystical and mysterious to me.  Normally these two Major Arcana are two of my favorites.  For some reason, this combination gives me the heeby-jeeby’s.  The outer cards are almost reflections of each other.  The full moon hanging large in the sky, the mirror like sphere that takes up a large part of the middle of each, and dancing shadows make up these images.  On the Priestess scroll is the message Darkness into darkness, The Key to all mystery.   The Moon is a definite influence bridging this reading, but with an almost science fiction twist.  As if channeling, not only between the conscious and the sub-conscious, she looks to be channeling between these spheres.  My dreams of late have been filled with stories and tales that feel like hidden messages, riddles that almost make sense.  These images are a nudge from the universe to add to the clues to help solve the message.  Obviously I’m just not getting the message.   I have the key to unlock the answer(s), now it’s just a matter of finding the correct lock.

Images are from Ciro Marchetti’s Tarot of Dreams and is only available on his site.