Being the King in Your Castle

A lot of Swords today, which might scare some folks at first glance, (me included) but, after giving them a second look they didn’t appear quite so frightening.

The King of Swords, although sitting on his throne with a sword held pointy-end-up, does not appear threatening to me.  On the contrary, he looks quite serene, welcoming even.

(my cotd post on this King of Swords)   ~August 31, cotd – King of Swords from Old English Tarot.

The King beckons welcome to his domain, but the raised sword gives an unspoken, yet, implied and understood, warning. You are most welcome in his kingdom to stay for as long as you wish, as long as you abide by his rules. After all, he is the ruler in his own castle. (pun intended) The boundaries are clearly marked, and he will suffer no breach.

Each of us can learn a valuble lesson from this king and think of ourselves as a castle in our own kingdom. Without being a tyrant, we must set healthy boundaries and codes of behavior for ourselves that can extend to our homes. Decide what you will or will-not tolerate, and how far you are willing to go to bend the rules.

We can’t expect everyone to like or even obey our rules, (other than spouses, children and pets haha) but, they need to respect them. If they do not, they need to know they risk being banished from your kingdom.~

Continuing in this same line of thinking and adding the Six and Eight of Swords, I can see the crumbled remains of the castle tower in the eight, and a journey in the six.  Just as a child will rebel against parental rules, school rules, and sometimes society’s rules, they mistakenly believe other pastures are far greener. Most often when they arrive they decide the reality is much different than they expected.   There must be rules and standards of conduct no matter where or at what point we find ourselves in our lives.  Sometimes this is a hard lesson to learn and accept.  Without these guidelines though, society would likely crumble.  The same can be said of our own personal domains.

The crumbled tower of the eight is of our own making.  And, if we made it, we can unmake it.  Prevent your castle from crumbling now, or any further.   This King doesn’t necessarily rule with an iron fist, but he has certain expectations of what is acceptable in his castle.  He protects his kingdom, and those who depend on him, from disruptive and destructive trespassers.  If you find you have been putting up with unwanted or disruptive trespassers, it might be time to enforce your rules and boundaries again or even for the first time.

*images are from the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen and U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Wait and See

Three big hitters for today’s draw, with CAUTION as the theme.  The suspended action of The Hanged Man, events in motion in The Wheel of Fortune, and a need to look at the situation, person, or action,  a lot closer and in a different light, in The Moon.

There is a wait-and-see feeling here for me.  How will things play out if allowed to run their course?   The urge may be there to jump in and possibly jump to the wrong conclusion.  I need to keep my ears and eyes open and my mouth shut.

*images are from the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen and U.S. Games Systems Inc.


A Balancing Act

Today’s draw is about a balancing act.  Balancing the scientific logical way of seeing and analyzing things with the intuitive and mystic approach.  Both have merits and neither way is what you would call wrong.  But, for optimal results they work best when they are combined and in balance.  If we tip the scale to only a scientific and analytical way of seeing or dealing with our world and the people in it, then the natural rhythms and mysteries of nature and the universe will be lost to us.  On the other hand, if we live only in the realm of dream, magic, and fantasy, without any rules of science to guide us, we run the risk of being lost to that realm.

We can’t analyze and pigeon-hole everything and everyone or situation.  There are just too many variables.  That is when we must rely on faith, trust in our intuition, and accept that sometimes you just can’t explain or control everything.

A good dose of Commonsense is called for and a healthy respect for both logic and the mysterious.  And remember;  If your head is in the clouds, be sure to keep your feet on the ground.

*images are from the sun and moon tarot by U.S. Games Systems and vanessa decort. 


Opening the Door

Have you ever felt stuck?  Wonder if you are on the right path or what the next step should be?  Second-guess your decisions or are just unsure where to begin?  If you’re human, then the answer is yes.  We all go through this dilemma at one time or another, especially when we are faced with a BIG life decision.  When my client, (we will call Sue) came to me with questions like these concerning a big career change she wanted to make, I used the spread below with the A King’s Journey Tarot deck, to help shed some light on her quandary.

From the King’s Journey Tarot Companion Book by Chanel Bayless, illustrations by James Battersby.

This spread highlights what steps you need to open the door to the path that you want to embrace.  If you open the door and it’s unfavorable – Ask what steps you need to take to change your path.

Cards pulled and positions:

  1. Your current footing.  Judgment – Starting fresh, release of old beliefs and baggage that have weighed you down and held you back.
  2. Steps -The Lovers – Good balanced decisions, forming good partnerships and mutually beneficial contacts.
  3. Steps – Justice – Integrity, knowing the importance.  Treating others fairly and expecting the same in return.
  4. Steps – Six of Wands – Believe in yourself, believe that you deserve success, and others will too.   (2,3,4, steps you are taking, or need to take to achieve outcome)
  5. Door you will open (Final Outcome) – Three of Cups – A celebration!.  Doors have opened (literally) and changes for the better and maybe in unexpected ways, have presented themselves.
  6. Illuminating your path (Blessing) – The Emperor –   Through discipline, a structured plan, and playing by the rules, you have your goals in sight.
  7. Obstacle (Hidden energy) – King of Swords – Its good to hold yourself to a high standard, but you can stumble and fall if you become too self-righteous or sanctimonious.
  8. Wall (block) – Hermit – The bottom line is nothing will happen if you don’t come out of your shell, you can only prepare so much and then there comes the time you have to stick your neck out and take a chance.  Otherwise, you will never take that first step or take that chance and remain hidden where you are now.

A terrific spread that shed a lot of light on areas Sue had doubts about!