COTD – Collaborating

The Cotd for Tuesday, October 7, 2014 is from the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza – U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2008

Three of Pentacles - Deviant Moon TarotThree of Pentacles:  Three artisans are at work in the studio. Although they often act as a unified team, their unique personalities come though in their creations. The three pentacles represent their individuality.  Upright meanings:  Artistic ability. Working with others in a creative environment. Skill and craftsmanship. Collaboration.

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Cotd – Confidence is Key

The Cotd for Friday, October 3, 2014 is from the Tarot of the Night by Richard ShadowFox – 2013, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

King of Wands Tarot of the NightKing of Wands:  Do not expect to find this person sitting quietly by in any topic of discussion.  What they feel, they must share, and they are often intelligent and knowledgeable enough to have a valid opinion on any subject.  They thoroughly enjoy a debate and will play devil’s advocate to put them selves in a situation. The personification or character trait depicted here can at times be confrontational and challenging to interact with, but they realistically see thought and opinions as only having value if they are expressed.

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Cotd – Making Time

The Cotd for Thursday, October 2, 2014 is from the Tarot of the Night by Richard ShadowFox – 2013, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

The Hermit - Tarot of the NightThe Hermit:  There is a need within us to evaluate ourselves, understand ourselves, and seek greater enlightenment.  To seek enlightenment from a higher power or to achieve a better understanding of one’s own feelings through introspection does not require distance – only a time set aside to be only with oneself.  Improving ourselves and the situations around us requires only that we actually seek to do so.  We no longer find ourselves with natural periods of time that provide us with opportunities to explore ourselves with introspection; we must with specific purpose deliberately create it and resist the ease of constant access to others.  That one just doesn’t have the time is only a matter of an unwillingness to make it available.  (pg. 35-36) Continue reading

Cotd – October Theme

The Cotd for Wednesday, October 1, 2014 is from the Tarot of the Night by Richard ShadowFox – 2013, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Tarot of the Night Page of PentaclesPage of Pentacles:  A methodical and patient person or approach is described in the interpretation of this card.  They will express an open fascination with nature, are adept in financial matters, and possess a thirst for knowledge of any discipline.  There is a duality of natural things and financial matters inherent in the Pentacles suit, and on the surface, this could seem contradictory or conflicting, especially when referring to members of the Court.  However, at the heart of this person or character trait is practicality and diligence, and the significance of being prepared for each step they take upon their path.  The ability to listen and express sincere interest in the intellectual opinions of others may often make them easy to recognize.  For them there are few sources of information that are undeserving of consideration.  (pg. 231) Continue reading