Reading February 19, 2014

The reading for Wednesday, February 19, 2014 is from the Druid Craft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gromm, illustrated by Will Wothington.  To see more of the Druid Craft, click HERE.

The Lady, Eight of Wands, High Priestess

Druid Craft TarotToday’s spread reminds me of the phrase I see on a daily basis, especially in my facebook feed:  “Giving thanks for unknown Blessings already on their way.”  Continue reading

COTD – August 31, 2013

The COTD for Saturday, August 31, 2013 is The Lovers from the Druid Craft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

The Lovers - Druid Craft TarotKeywords:  Love. Fulfillment. Union. Choice. Surrender

     “The embrace of love is at the heart of life.  And at the heart of love is the process of choice followed by surrender.  The theme of this card is central to the message of the Tarot, and of DruidCraft.  To find fulfillment, purpose, meaning, enlightenment, wisdom and our full worth as individuals, we need to go beyond the confines of the self, to surrender to the ‘More-than-Self’.  (pg. 120)

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Beltaine – “The Fire Tends to All”

Druid Craft Tarot Ace of Wands

Beltaine:  “The Fire Tends to All”

When the topic for this blog-hop round was announced, the Ace of Wands from the Druid Craft Tarot immediately sprang to mind.

“Here, the wand is offered to us from the heart of the sun – the source of creative fire, initiative and energy.” (pg. 44)

Balefire’s were often lit from a fire created especially for the Beltaine celebrations.  They were called a “need-fire”.   What better source of a “need-fire” than the life-giving, earth warming, burning sun?

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