Lights, Shadow, Action

The Knave of Chalices.     Justice.      Eight of Wands

In studying these 3 cards from my daily draw, I seem to be asking more questions rather than receiving any kind of answers.  I keep tossing back and forth who this is about and for?  As I shuffled I was thinking what is my lesson, my message for today.   But what I see here is about my daughter-in-law and my grand-daughter that she is carrying.  The pregnancy had been totally un-eventful up until recently when there were some complications with pre-term labor.  After being transferred to a larger hospital in a nearby city one more prepared for these emergencies, they were able to stop the labor and settle things down enough for her to go home with a lot of restrictions. The young Knave carries her hopes and dreams in her Chalice as she carefully steps through the waters of deep emotion.  She is having a hard time dealing with the emotional side of pregnancy added to that the extra stress of her not being able to work and feeling like she has no control over her life atm.

The Justice card looks like labor.  The statue is the keeper of the chalices of Shadow and of Light and keeps them in equilibrium.  The fear felt here of not knowing what is going to happen and when, is reflected in the darker aspects shown in this card.  The Idol is impassive and seems to make no distinction, only holds the balance.  The Wands of this deck are designated as Lights.  The Light defeats the darkness and disperses fears.  The fear felt in the Justice card is lessened with the light shed from the next card.  Eight of Wands are traditionally about Fast action.  Something that is developing, arriving, or culminating, and doing this all sooner rather than later.   We expect this baby to come before her due date of October 15, and possibly even before the October 1st-ish date that I had predicted by drawing the moon card.  The 8 of Wands to me looks like a message delivered, and this message is a bit startling.  I need to be sure my phones are charged and ringers on, so I can be sure to get the message when it comes!

Of course in the end, babies come when they come.

Deck shown is the Dark Grimoire Tarot and can be purchased here.