The Fool

The Fool: Beginnings, the heady moment before driving into the future, the state of being untested, the feeling of quivering anticipation when arriving at the brink of experience, stepping into an untested path, or leaping onto the spiral. -Julie Cuccia-Watts

Today is the last day of the week and of the month. Tomorrow we jump off onto the first day of a new week and a new month so, The Fool has volunteered to “show” us the way. The image of the Fortune Teller is shown with her cards carefully lain out in front of her showing all the possibilities that could have been drawn, but the card she is showing us is non other than her own, The Fool. Foolish? I think not. She appears anything but foolish as she reminds us to look forward to new and unknown experiences. So what its going to be a new week of a new month, it all seems so mundane. We do this all the time, right? But, what if we anticipate the change with a sense of wonder and excitement, how might our perception change? What rewards might we discover only by changing our expectations into wide-eyed eagerness? After all it is a brand new day you’ve been graced with. It’s up to you how you chose to see and welcome it.

“Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”
― L.M. Montgomery

The Queen of Cups and The King of Swords energy join with The Fool to round out the reading. The Queen brings a softer side to this King who has a more energetic presence. Their energies blend nicely as the King has intellectual prowess, he does not act rashly. He has a plan of action after careful planning and will use what tools he has at hand to accomplish his goals. The Queen is a poetic dreamer, but compelling. She is more inclined to ‘go with the flow’ and in so doing will round out any sharp edges the King might create. So, get ready for what promises to be a great day. Expect to be surprised and exhilarated. And remember to have fun in the process!