“I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.”
― Elizabeth Taylor

When I see a door, whether it is open or closed, I do not see it as a barrier to where it might lead, instead I see it as an invitation. If a door is barred to me, then it is not the right door for me at this time. Some doorways are not yet ready to reveal their secrets or you are not ready for what is hidden there.

Each and every Tarot card has a doorway. Some are obvious, but most are subtle and you have to find the key first before the door shows itself. I intend to explore these Doorways through the use of Tarot cards from many different decks. I hope you will join me on this adventure and I invite your thoughts on any of the cards being discussed.

The cards illustrated here, the Seven of Wands and the Ten of Cups, both have obvious doorways, one is being defended the other looks inviting. The Seven of Wands shows a figure with a raised staff barring entrance to the doorway behind him. He is clearly outnumbered, but holds his ground in defense of the onslaught. Whatever/whomever he is protecting obviously means a great deal to him. They key(s) to this doorway I think are strong character traits, that the figure may not even be aware he possesses. Fortitude, perseverance, loyalty, inner strength, and integrity, to name a few. These are the things he stands in defense and will fight to the end to protect.

In the Ten of Cups we see a doorway partially open with bright golden light spilling out. The family greets any who knocks and the family dog is there on the walk. Although the door is open, the family appears to be wary. They were safe and warm inside and now a visitor has arrived. The dog sits with it’s head cocked curiously awaiting to see if the visitor is friend or foe. His reaction could depend on the families reaction to their visitor. But, if it be friend, the hospitality of the cups on the steps are a good indication of the welcome you can receive. This is a home of happiness and goodwill, but if you are foe, you will likely be sent on your way empty handed and with a dog chomping at your heels.

Because Cups can be too passive, the Wands energy here lends action if needed. But we don’t always have this energy available to us. The keys to this doorway are joy, love (both given to others and received), and unconditional acceptance. So, if we were invited into the Ten of Cups and entered beyond the doorway, what might we expect to find? Peace? Harmony? Warmth and safety? Almost certainly.

Try a meditation with one (or both) of these doorway cards and see what you might discover on the other side.