The Magician, from The Raven’s Dream Tarot by MJ Cullinane

After finding yourself in a place or phase in which you see no way out, you begin to see there are tools at your disposal that you can use to change your circumstances.

You’ve been caught in a bad dream or nightmare existence and figure this is just what your life is now. I know this is a place I have been for the past five months. It’s always been my practice to believe “things could always be worse.” In fact, I say that quite often especially when I think of complaining or I am listing to someone else and their complaints. “It could aways be worse” I would say. Still do. Unfortunately, over the years I have found this to be true.

The image shows a raven in a dark dream of being in the belly of a whale. At first the situation appears hopeless, but taking a second look the raven sees a glimmer of hope and sees items and tools that may be used to help him escape.

In Tarot, The Magician is depicted with a variety of tools both physical and mystical. This is The Magicians talent, his purpose, being able to use a combination of these tools to his advantage. He has all the tools and knowledge needed to accomplish this, he just may, at times, not see this ability or know how to utilize it. But, somewhere deep down this knowledge exists and in time it will surface. Be ready when it does for you must act on it. The Magician is pro-active, and you will need this energy to take action. Rely on your knowledge, your willpower, and your desire to take action.