What doorways can we discover in the 4 of Pentacles?

On the one hand we can see how it’s important to save for a rainy day, and for the future, but on the other hand, being tight-fisted and stingy can only bring isolation and ill will – ill will that is expressed not only from without, but more importantly from within. If it is greed that plagues, greed left unchecked, turns green with rot and eats away generosity leaving paranoia and an empty shell.

Holding on to anything too tightly is unwise and rather than giving a sense of stability and safety, it becomes a burden that weighs you down. Perhaps it is the need to maintain control. It is a scary feeling when we feel we have no control: control over our lives, our health or wealth, or any other aspect of our lives.

We can try and make excuses and legitimize our reasons for hoarding money and/or possessions, but in actuality you are doing yourself a disservice. This type of mind set not only does injury to ourselves, but also to those around us. The risk to damaging relationships may turn out to be irreparable, not to mention the damage to our own peace of mind.

Generosity of Spirit is the Doorway to the 4 of Pentacles. Simply put, Generosity begets generosity. Almost counter intuitive, when we share with others, especially those in need, we receive blessings in return. And although it may sound trite, an attitude of gratitude brings its own rewards. When we are grateful for all the things we have instead of greedily amassing more things we don’t need, the Universe finds a way to reward us.

There are lots of ways we can be generous beyond monetary means. Many times, what is needed is just our time. Being stingy with anything is a detriment and is easily remedied. Generosity of spirit in all its forms is the cure for greed and miserliness.

“That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”
― Simone de Beauvoir

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