Here I will explore the many possible “doorways” Tarot has to offer. Won’t you come along with me? For a closer look at my take on Doorways found in individual cards, click on the Tarot Doorways in categories.

The Doorway Spread

*taken from Tarot Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack

This spread, instead of dealing with events, helps to get a better sense of who we are at the time of the reading.  While it shows both the risks and possibilities, it leaves the choice of action up to us.  This spread works well for reading your own cards, especially with a sense of self-exploration.  It also can be helpful when you face a choice.

  1. 1. What inspires you? What touches you deeply, what calls you to do things, or simply excites you about life?
  1. 2. What challenges you? What do you find difficult or frightening?  What do you avoid?
  1. 3. What doorway opens for you? What opportunities have come into your life?  What could be different?
  1. 4. What will you risk? Opportunities  always carry some element of risk.  (for example, If your children have grown and you are considering going back to finish your master’s degree, you might risk changing the dynamic of your marriage.)
  1. 5. What can you discover? What might happen if you went through that door?  This card can give a kind of snapshot of how your life might look.