Ancestral Path Tarot, Death

Death: Seeing beyond death to rebirth; clearing away the old to make room for the new; risking renewal; radical transformation; death of a particular phase of life; completion of one cycle as a new one unfolds. -Julie Cuccia-Watts

What is life without death? The cycle repeats in all facets, whether it’s referring to an ERA, a season, a person, or a paradigm. Virtually any and all things have a death of sorts and only then can something new come into existence. The question is, what is dying away or transitioning into something else? In this illustration we see the young child with a skull on a landing, and in the boat a figure wrapped in a shroud. Death has come to this shore, but everywhere you look you see life also. Life cannot exist without death and death cannot occur without first being born.

What in your life is experiencing death? Is there something you need to release and allow to die naturally? Have you been in a slump, unable to change your thought patterns or do something differently? Today I will concentrate on the message and energy of Death and look for those old patterns that should be released and replace them with better ones.

I originally drew three cards, the Prince of Cups and The World. I’ll need to keep an open mind and not over romanticize, but keeping within the energy and knowing that success in change will happen. Also knowing that long term goals can be achieved. I feel the need to embrace the more creative and artistic and release the nay-say’er side of myself.