This Blog Hop we were tasked with the theme “Dawn”, at is pertains to a new day, new cycles, and new beginnings. The Vernal or Spring Equinox is the dawning of a new season, when daylight begins to win over darkness, a time of new life, new growth, and preparation for planting seeds, both literally and metaphorically. Ostara marks the Spring Equinox as the beginning of this season and is a good time to plant seeds for the future. What you plant during Ostara will be ready to be harvested in the coming months.

The Spring Equinox is full of promise and un-discovered potential that is bursting to let-fly into the sunlight releasing seeds to the winds to be sown in the fertile fields of imagination.

As I contemplate what this means to me, many images and associations leap to mind. First of all that Spring is my second favorite season with Autumn being ranked number one. Spring ushers in the sun and the promise of warm breezes and rain, the song of tree frogs and peepers in my back yard, and the smell of green is everywhere. Yes, you can smell green, at least I can. It’s a time when anything and everything seems to be possible all at the same time and our spirits are lifted. Second, I’m reminded we are on the cusp of moving into the Astrological New Year as the Zodiac begins with Aries. Aries is fiery energy that fuels us with newfound vigor after the long winter. It’s a powerful time for new beginnings and fresh ideas. Which leads me to thinking of the Tarot suit of Wands and their penchant for action and can-do attitudes.

First card up, Page of Wands. For whatever reason I have a mental block when dealing with Page cards. They just seem so benign and mundane that I’m never quite sure what to do with them. But, the Page of Wands leaped at me screaming, “I bring news of new opportunities coming over the horizon!” That made me sit up and take notice. It also makes me wonder how many other times has he tried to get my attention and I just dismissed him. I guess wondering about missed opportunities is like crying over spilled milk, but with the spotlight on him now, I’m going to pay close attention.

Pages often carry messages, they are eager to learn, they introduce ideas that spark inspiration for a new journey, new project or spiritual path. These are all potential opportunities coming to you, even if you don’t recognize them right off. Wands are all about fire, energy, and action. The Page of Wands has brought the message, but now it’s going to be up to me to put in the work to ensure these opportunities grow and blossom to their full potential. Let’s explore this through the use of the Tarot.

What is Dawning on Your Horizon this Spring?, Tarot Spread – Draw three cards for each question. I’m using the Tarot of Mystical Moments for this reading.

1. What seeds of opportunities are you sowing?

There is a lot of activity going on here, and a definite feeling of being coaxed along. Normally I’m a slow mover, but this tells me to get off my ass and get into high gear. There is a degree of risk to be taken, but on the other hand trusted advisors should be listened to and will hopefully keep me from being too impulsive. Seeds of change are sown and if I’m going to reap the rewards at harvest time, I’ve got to be ready with the groundwork.

2. How will you tend to and nurture your seedings?

There is a lot of water here. Beginning and ending with umbrellas and wading knee deep into a body of water. Also, there is a lot of careful thinking and planning going on and I may begin to feel as if things are moving too slowly. At least a lot slower than I would like. It feels like a hurry up and wait situation. Everything in moderation will keep the delicate balance between pessimism and the optimism needed for successful growth. A word of caution to not allow myself to get mired down in all the emotional foo-fru. A light touch will keep things flowing.

3. Weeds are obstacles to new growth, what tools will help you to weed them out?

Wow, just wow. The weeds here are represented by The Tower and it’s going to take a fair amount of strength and fortitude to hold everything together. But not everything is supposed to be kept in one piece and should be allowed to crumble away. Restraint will be needed to not react and stop this crumbling and allow to happen what inevitably will. The good news is a newfound determination and devotion will certainly weed your garden in no time. The Knight of Swords holds her weapon, a pen, and cuts through opposition and nay-sayers – even the nay-sayer in your head. She fights with her intellect and her words and by all appearances, she is winning. She sums up my hopes and dreams for the garden I have planted and hope to see a bountiful harvest through the desire to further a career in writing.

What’s Dawning on your Horizon?


3 thoughts on “Ostara Blog Hop – New Horizons

  1. I love this sentiment: “It’s a time when anything and everything seems to be possible all at the same time and our spirits are lifted.” I’ll take more of this! Yay spring!

  2. I love the layout for this hop, the spring theme is brilliant. It compliments your post perfectly. Curious as to the weeds being the Tower, as some may say Weeds are just flowers in the wrong place, so I wonder if the Tower just ended up in the wrong place? Really enjoyed this one 🙂

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