Finding yourself close to completing a difficult leg of your journey, you must now navigate an ever-changing landscape that will challenge you to keep your footing and your heading on course. Rely on your natural leadership abilities, discipline, and logical thinking, they will help you reach your goal. Remember, discipline and logic are admirable qualities, but without empathy and compassion paired with them, you risk tripping over your own unyielding regimen.

This week may start off feeling like you have too much on your plate as you struggle to complete unfinished tasks. But, when you take the time to consider where you are, you can see options to help you lighten your load. Being able to balance obligations and adapt to changing circumstances is one of skill sets you will have to put to use.

The energy of the Emperor is that of quiet but effective leadership and structure. This energy will help you keep your chin up and your willpower to keep going. You may have a long to do list, but you’ll manage them with finesse and grace.