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Those who came before
And have passed beyond the veil
Whose time has come and gone
Leaving their mark upon our brow
Some with broken hearts - a grief we all must bear
Some just a memory - too distant now to share.

They, our Ancestors, for better or for worse
Their life and times long forgotten
Their love, loss, and sorrow,
Bequeathed to generations that follow.

What wisdom's to impart?  
What whispered words to hear?
What solace to the heart and soul,
Will my Ancestors reveal?

Ancestor Tarot Spread with

The Ancestral Path Tarot

  1. Where do I begin? The 2 of Staves: A temporay seperation requires patience to reunite. In the grand scheme of things the passing of time is relative and in our reality a tiny drop in measuring a life span. So I have to wonder how time is measured, if at all, on the other side of the veil. The 2 of Staves suggests that although you would like to rush the process, patience is a must and it won’t do to rush it.
  2. What should I expect? The 5 of Cups: Disappointment, an inability to enjoy and appreciate what you have. To me this suggests that expectations may not be in line with actual results. Any contact and/or messages received from the other sie of the veil should be wonerous. It just may not be what your expected.

3. What insight will I gain? Prince of Staves: Gain a better understanding of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects of communicating with my Ancestors. The Prince of Staves is excited and passionate and a fighter for whats right. This may indicate an inner struggle with my belief system and what I am presented with.

4.What am I afraid of? King of Cups: Afraid of exposing wounds or something being revealed that would cause emotional turmoil. The King of Cups is emotionally mature and has his emotions in check. The fear is losing that control and being confronted with something upsetting.

5. What lesson will I learn from this encounter? 2 of Cups: brings the reading full circle. After the seperation in the 2 of Staves, now is the time for reconcillation and reunion. It’s time for acceptence, forgiveness, empathy, and sympathy, It is a time for healing. Whatever is revealed can and will be understood and experienced. It’s only through facing your fears and finding the truth, before the healing can begin.

I hope you have enjoyed my Ancentral Tarot Reading and you will try my Ancestral Tarot Spread.

Here’s wishing you a Happy and safe Samhain/Halloween!

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