At her table she sits with crystal and cards
Awaiting The Fool to arrive,
With his pockets a jingling, possessions in tow,
And his trusted little friend at his side...

Setting off on a new adventure is both scary and exciting at the same time. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan you find The Universe had other plans all along and you have to take a leap of faith trusting that matters will work out for the best, as they usually do in the end. But, it’s that first step that is often a doozie and you’re not sure if you have the guts to take it. Rest assured your well laid plans weren’t for naught, they’re still there and supporting your decision to follow the advise of The Fool to put those plans into action by taking that leap of faith. Eyes open, looking ahead, and trusting in the journey, YOU take that step.

Points to Ponder:

  • What items does The Fool keep in his/her bag? What items will you need for your journey?
  • The Fool doesn’t overthink the situation, what are you overthinking?
  • What lessons can you learn from adopting the innocence and trusting nature of The Fool?
  • Where in my life do I need to be more foolish?
  • What gifts will following the energy of The Fool, bring me?
...The Fool he did arrive as planned
Foretold in crystal and card
with his pockets a jingling, his possessions in tow
and his trusted little friend at his side.

Sources used: The Gilded Tarot Royale, by Ciro Marchetti-Llewellyn Publications 2020. Heaven and Earth Tarot by Jack Sephiroth & Jaymi Elford-Lo Scarabeo. Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi-US Games Systems Inc., 2012.