“One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.”
― Oscar Wilde

Winning at any cost comes with the bitter taste of a hollow victory. Yes, you might walk away with the spoils of the day, but at what cost? Did you have to compromise your integrity to do so? Have you any scruples or higher ideals? Is the act of winning all that matters?And what of your opponent(s)? Perhaps you identify more with the defeated party. Either way, winning at any cost or being on the loosing end, you are left not feeling good about the altercation/interaction.

The Tarot Grand Luxe describes this card as one of acting in only ones self interest without taking honor or integrity into account.

The Shadowland Tarot shows a very greedy Crow who is certainly acting in his self interest. “You are being asked to recognize your potential for manipulation and refrain from inadvertently encouraging competition among peers or friends by offering certain people compliments and withholding from those who aren’t fulfilling your needs.” Check yourself and your motives. Weigh your need and greed impulses carefully. Nobody likes a Greedy Gus, no matter what resources you might be hoarding.

In the Anna.K Tarot we see the image of a bully and the card is described as meaning humiliation, wanton destruction, injuring of the innocent, violence and vindictiveness. The author also notes it is not clear if these things are happening to us or if we ourselves are the wrongdoers.

Points to Ponder:

  • Check your motives. Are you allowing your greed to dictate your needs?
  • Is your greed taking needed resources from someone else?
  • Is someone acting as a gatekeeper and keeping me from information?
  • Do I allow others to treat me as a doormat?
  • Is winning more important than playing fair and with integrity?
  • Do I always have to have my way?


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