“I am hopeful because love overflows from my heart. Gratitude for beauty and life leads my way.”
― Bryant McGill

Open yourself to the wonder, the possibility, the endless boundaries of what your Cup can hold. There is no fill line, or there shouldn’t be. You never say “when” when filling your Cup, the more that overflows the bigger the capacity to hold becomes. Let those creative juices flow, it’s OK if it gets all over everything making a sticky mess, the bigger the spill the better.

In this three card reading we see the beginnings of the Ace of Cups, the well from which creativity and intuition flow, the place where we find and extend unconditional love and acceptance. The King of Wands encourages this overflow from the Ace illuminating the path and encouraging forward movement. She is a visionary and sees the potential that can be achieved with encouragement as well as leadership. The best leaders lead by example, after all. The Chariot brings just enough discipline and willpower to steer, keeping everything on track.

If you find you lack some of the qualities these energies bring, team up with others who have them so you can concentrate your energies where they are needed most. If you find you’re drifting, engage someone to lead and keep the project on track leaving you free to create to your heart’s content.

Source: Tarot of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein