““Happiness is a garden walled with glass: there’s no way in or out. In Paradise there are no stories, because there are no journeys. It’s loss and regret and misery and yearning that drive the story forward, along its twisted road.”
 Margaret Atwood

Many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to strengthen interpersonal bonds, especially during this time of social distancing, but we have found other ways of being together through the distance. Social Media of course being one of the top vehicles for staying in touch, which can be a blessing and/or a curse, depending.

The Three of Cups is seen as a card of celebrations, of coming together and sharing in life’s pleasures, but the image here shows (IMHO) a somber occasion. The author speaks of reconciliations and reunions, as well as issues of trust and honor. Reconnecting with people and places from the past and being restored by integrating the past into the present. I’ve been doing some research into my family history and DNA connections, of late. It’s fascinating tracing though history the trail of my ancestors, their roots, and making discoveries about the lives they led.

The Four of Staves (Rods or Wands) focuses on the Home. Your personal environment and the boundaries of that world. Again this card can bring together people for celebrations of close friends and families. The Four of this suit is about strong foundations and solidity. We are safe within our four walls. At least I hope everyone who reads this is safe. We see a family relaxed, enjoying their environment and the company they are in. Strong pillars keep the domicile safe and sturdy. As many of us find ourselves pretty confined right now, this will not last forever. For now, it is the safest option so we can remain as healthy as possible. This week I am on vacation and will only be venturing out when I absolutely need to, for my sake as well as others. Once this crisis is over, I’m referring to Covid-19 obviously, I’ve no doubt that people will emerge from their forced hibernation and be ready for a joyous celebration. I know I’m looking forward to those times as well.

In the mean time we need to be vigilant in our self discipline of doing what is best. The Two of Swords speaks to a stalemate. Rachel Pollack, describes the swords as representing anger and fear which create a precarious balance; the one wants to strike out, the other wants to hide, and so the person remains tensed between them. We see this conflict sitting between the Cups card and the Staves, keeping them each at bay. Although there are conflicting wants and needs, the scene beyond the figure is calm and serene, suggesting to me this conflict is there, yes it’s just below the surface, but it’s not about to erupt. It’s a big “sigh” wishing and waiting for better times, but it is a banked emotion that is biding it’s time.

For now, we know what we would like to do, what we want to do, but we know what we must do. Stay safe friends.