“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”
Roy T. Bennett

The fear and disappointment of not reaching the potential you know you possess cannot be allowed to become the stumbling block you’ve used as an excuse to not follow through.

The High Priestess has that uncanny ability to see and believe in the infinite potential within each of us. Sensing these abilities in ourselves and then putting them into action is the only way to get the concept from the drawing board and made real. The High Priestess carries an element of mystery of things we may never know, but in today’s reading she shares her wisdom of what is known, what is possible, and what can be.

There is always risk when we take on new tasks or put ourselves “out” there. And yes, there could be disappointment if it doesn’t work out, but you cannot realize your potential without taking risks and maybe experiencing a few setbacks, too. Each disappointment is an opportunity for improvement or taking a new tack. Take that skill set you’ve been working on, whatever it may be, and put it to the test.

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