“Because life is short. I feel we’re made of a hunger, a desire for life – if that can be described as a material. As I get older, I’m trying to open that channel more. If you don’t, if you close off desire and get complacent, life loses its freshness and sweetness, and that’s what I crave. That’s my bliss.”
Sarah Slean

Today’s reading is about finding your bliss, knowing it when you see it, and being content with what you have. You probably already have it somewhere, you just forgot where you put it. Maybe you had it once and thought you better put it away for safe keeping and forgot where that safe place is. I’ve done that so many times with material items, haven’t you? And then one day you find it, what you thought was long lost that you weren’t sure if you ever had it in the first place. Suddenly, there it is.

Bliss to me is a state of mind, a state of peace in my soul, a feeling so wonderful that mere words cannot describe it fully. It’s warm, safe, satiated, with no worries or wants. Idealistic of course, but there are moments that I can define as pure “bliss”.

The Ten of Cups is about as close to being the “Happy-Family Card” as you can get, The serenity, abundance, harmony, and emotional fulfillment is expressed here as living your dreams in an unconditional loving moment. The Queen of Pentacles is the most well rounded Queen in the deck, IMHO. Her greatest strength is being grounded and practical, but she also holds the elements of the other Queens within easy grasp. The perfect hostess, she is loving, intelligent, focused, sensual and practical. The Ace of Wands has all kinds of energy. It is empowered, creative, inspired, sexually potent, and planting seeds for growth.

Finding our bliss is likely tied to our home life and all that is bundled into that. I can also see the Universe announcing an upcoming birth or adoption. Alternatively I can also see this referring to someone recovering from an illness and returning to the home. Whatever your Bliss is and where ever you may find it, be thankful you have it. Embrace it, cherish it, and never forget where you put it.

Wishing that everyone can find their Bliss. Be safe.