“To rush an outcome brings less than satisfactory results and is shortsighted for the most potential return on your efforts. Careful planning and attention to detail will pay off when the timing is right. Prudence will win the day.”

The creative energy of the Queen of Rods has caused you to put on your thinking cap combined with the shrewd and focused energy of the Queen of Swords has paid off in the Seven of Pentacles.

Seven of Pentacles Meaning: Cultivation and careful attention to a project that promises to bring success. Great effort expended, now to realize the gain. Careful financial planning and monitoring business interests. Tricky financial situation. Waiting to collect money owed. pg. 185 guide book by Susan Hansson

The Two Of Rods was drawn for clarification and further promotes the idea of a business venture. You’ve done your homework and you are now ready for the next phase.

What a great start to what looks to be a promising week. If you’ve yet to make your pitch or proposal now is the time to do it. Good luck and stay safe!