“As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery... we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.” —Dalai Lama quote

When faced with a dilemma or complicated task, be sure to leave yourself space to work. Physical space, mental space, or emotional space, can help you focus on the task at hand. The Seven of Swords is often seen as a thief in the night, a less than honest approach to a situation or in dealings with others. Here we see the subject attempting to balance very sharp swords and he has cleared a space to allow him to work without distractions. This is where fear, anger and suspicion would hinder the process. But, the subject is surrounded by the wisdom and serenity of The High Priestess and the love and emotional support of the Knight of Cups. Once the sword balancer works with these energies, his task will seem almost effortless.

Points to Ponder:

  • What divine wisdom is deep within me?
  • Do I find it difficult to ask for help or accept help when it is offered?
  • How can I better express my gratitude and appreciation when help is offered/given?

Source: Tarot de St. Croix by Lisa de St. Croix 2013

“We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us - how we can take it, what we do with it and that is what really counts in the end.” —Joseph Fort Newton