“Objectivity is most helpful when confronted with the past and hindsight can be 20/20, but it’s usually shrouded in rose colored memories that become murkier with time.”

Most Tarot readers have heard the saying, ‘what falls to the floor, comes to the door’. Meaning that while shuffling a card flies from the deck and lands either on the floor or whatever surface you are using. Today that card was the Princess of Swords. This Princess is a little one-sided and leans towards being detached. We can’t can’t hold this against her, after all it’s just how she is – she knows no other way to be.

Perhaps you are feeling nostalgic, as I often do especially this time of year, or you’ve been contacted from someone from your past, the detached objectivity of the Princess of Swords is what is needed to help keep you things in perspective. The Six of Cups is all about nostalgia and integrating memory, reunion and the exchanges that occur between people. Sixes represent the place of balance, meeting and union. At the level of the heart, linear time ceases to exist.” pg. 71 I personally love to reminisce with friends and family, but sometimes the details, important details, are forgotten or remembered very differently.

Which is where the Six of Wands comes in. In this instance we have painted a much prettier picture of the past than what was actually experienced. Sometimes this is a way to heal and let go, to forgive. Other times it can be detrimental and if we have painted too rosy a picture, history could repeat itself.

So, if your past comes knocking at your door, whether you greet it or not is a choice you will have to make, just remember to draw on the energy of the Princess of Swords and don her cape of objectivity before strolling down memory lane.