“They luxuriated in the feeling of deep and all pervading satisfaction, a feeling of knowing absolutely that all was well with the world and them and that the world was not only their oyster it was also their linguine with clam sauce. Not only were all things possible, but all things were theirs. ”
― Hubert Selby Jr

Are you planning an outing or event? If not, maybe you should be. Perhaps you’ve had the idea of a get together rolling around for awhile and just have not put those thoughts into action. The suit of Wands is one of action and in the traditional meanings, the Four of Wands is about structure, people celebrating together, good foundations, an outpouring of excitement and energy, and possibly a marriage. So, if you’ve been thinking of throwing a party or celebrating some life event, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthday, etc., get those plans into action! If you’ve been asked to join in a celebration be sure to RSVP that you’ll be attending. And if you’ve been asked to join forces in any type of relationship this is the time to take the invitation seriously.

Four of Wands

Mary-El Tarot gives us a very different image, and speaks to the element of fire of the Wands. Creative energy, sexual energy, burning away the old self and using that power and energy to fuel the next part of your life. Set the world on fire with your passion. Turn energy into action. Make a drastic change, Launch a new project, enterprise, or partnership.

The Connolly Tarot shows a more traditional image, one based on the RSW style. The keywords listed for this card are; harmony, peace and satisfaction.

The Illuminati Tarot shows two hands reaching towards each other, which to me speaks to a partnership or an agreement made, or a handshake on a job well done. The keywords listed are achievement, perfected work, toil and labor complete. Success in settlements. Conclusions drawn from knowledge, Ideas once manifested now end in completion.

Points to Ponder:

  • When was the last time you celebrated an accomplishment or life event?
  • What have you built your foundations upon?
  • What gives you stability?
  • Are you avoiding people and parties and if so, why?
  • Are you denying yourself a chance to be happy?


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